Reports 2011

Bavarian chapmionship Marathon in Lindau, Germany

Most of the runners of the LG Würzburg drove to Lindau on Saturday. I arrived from France coming by train at the evening. We went out for some drink and where sitting together for a while. The start of the marathon was tomorrow at 11:11am. So we had enough time to sleep long.

On Sunday morning we had a long and relaxed breakfast. Then everybody prepared for the race. At 9:30am we went slowly towards the start line. Our apartments where placed about 1.5 kilometer away. Also some of our colleagues will come directly to the start line. We had picked their start numbers already. Monika and I drove with Gerald. He wants to park his car close to the start, because he had to leave after the race quickly. When we had parked the car I figured out that I forgot my start number. So I had to go back again to our accommodation and pick it up. Then we met at the start area. Today there were the Bavarian championships, the Austrian championships as well as the Voralberger championships on marathon.

At the start it was chilly and fogy. Even it was getting warmer; the fog did not get away completely. On the start and during the first kilometers there was a good atmosphere. But there were fewer spectaculars at Austria and Swiss. The marathon was special, because it was trough three countries (Germany, Austria and Swiss). The Start was at Lindau (Germany) and the finish at Bregenz (Austria). After the start the course was through Lindau. Then we went besides the Lake Constance towards Lochau (A). Lochau was the first village in Austria. Luckily we do not need our passports anymore. Otherwise there would be no way to run record times. From Lochau we continued to Bregenz. On the way to Bregenz we passed the famous Lake Constance stage. Just after the stage the 1/4-marathon went away towards the finish. Not long after the half marathon went away. We continued running to Hard. There we crossed the Rhein. Then we left the Lake Constance. But it still was flat. Without the uphill over the bridges there was nothing. We continued to Fußach and Höchst. Then we arrived at Swiss. After we passed St. Margarethen we went backwards. Between Fußach and Hardt we went reverse to our away. Then we went to the dam. It was parallel to our away. The finish line was at the stadium. But first we had to do three-quarter of the stadium loop.

At the finish we received first our medal. Then you can take plenty of drinks and snacks. After I took something to strength myself I went towards the lorries with the clothes. After I picked up my cloth I went to have a shower. They were placed at the swimming pool. I have met Gerald already at the stadium. He went directly to the ferry. I met the other runners of our running club after I showered. We had some coffee together and then we walked towards the ferry. At the flyer of the marathon it was that the ferry is for free for runners. But the harbor office they told us it is not free. The next ferry will leave in 45 minutes. The train station was only two minutes away and the next train will arrive soon. So we decided to take the train. When we arrived back in Lindau we looked for a restaurant. It was already 6pm and we were hungry. After a while we finally found a restaurant with enough free seats. After dinner we were sitting together at the apartments and having some beer.

Next morning I was trying to get some bagels for breakfast. Sadly the bakery was closed today. So the breakfast was getting a bit Spartanian. After we had breakfast we went home.

Men: Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Seifert Peter 2:52:13 1 Ulrich Veronika 3:42:19
2 Lynas Matthew 3:15:14 2 Röder Manuela 3:47:15
3 König Rainer 3:16:31 3 Krause Antje 3:50:40
21 Koch Rainer 3:45:08

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